When people join your community, sign up for an event, fill out a form, or apply for an assignment, they have the opportunity to create a Timecounts account. After they submit a signup form or application, new applicants are asked to verify their email in order for their submission to be processed. They will automatically receive an email to verify their submission. The link in that email will take them to the Thank You page. Below your custom message, they are asked if they want to create an account by entering a password or signing in through Facebook.

Account creation is optional for the volunteer. This means that volunteers can signup for opportunities, get scheduled for shifts, and receive your messages whether or not they have an account.

That said, here are four reasons why you might want to encourage your volunteers to either create Timecounts accounts or sign-in with Facebook.

1. Logged-In Volunteers can see, cancel, and update their shifts.

When a volunteer in your database creates an account after signing up, or signs-in with Facebook, they will have access to the My Activities page in your Hub (if you're on the Premium Plan). The page lists all of their upcoming commitments, and lets them cancel if needed. In My Activities, there are also tabs for any assignments they're qualified for. On each assignment tab is a list of upcoming shifts for that assignment, as well as a list of available shifts they can signup for. 

Without an account, the shift and status update emails you send are the only way volunteers will find out about their confirmed shifts. Without an account, your volunteers will have to message you to cancel a shift.

2. Logged-In Volunteers can signup quickly with pre-filled forms.

When a Logged-In volunteer tries to signup for a new opportunity, Timecounts will pre-fill the signup form with what you already know about that person from your database. Pre-filled fields are hidden to the volunteer, so they don't have to answer questions they've already answered. 

Volunteers can always click to open and see the full form, along with the auto-filled fields, if they think their details may have changed since the last time they signed up.

Volunteers with Timecounts accounts can also update their basic profile information (email, address, phone number) at any time in their personal settings. When volunteers update their profile information, Timecounts requests permission to share the updated information with your organization.

3. Assignment shift signup requires volunteers to login. 

You can create a schedule for your assignments and manually assign shifts to your qualified volunteers with no problem, but if you want your assignment volunteers to pick their own shifts, they have to login. This is because assignment schedule signup is only visible to the volunteers you've qualified for those assignments. In order for Timecounts to know if a volunteer is qualified or not, they need to login. 

4. Restricting opportunities to 'Community Members' requires volunteers to login. 

If you want certain events or assignment applications to only be visible to your approved volunteers, your volunteers will have to login to see them. Timecounts won't know who is a volunteer in your database until they login!

Now that you know a bit more about volunteer login, you may discover that some people in your database haven't created accounts yet. You can tell which volunteers have Timecounts accounts if they have a blue check on their picture and 'Registered' in their profile card. 

If you'd like to ask volunteers who are already in your database to create an account, you can send an Invite to Create an Account in the Community tab.

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