Volunteers can create their own Timecounts accounts to login to your Hub and manage their activities. Because they can use one account to connect with more than one organization, they have the option of 'leaving' your organization while continuing to use Timecounts. 

To leave an organization, a volunteer (or non-owner admin of an organization) can click the 'X' in the top right corner of the Community card in My Communities.

When a volunteer or non-owner admin 'leaves', the community disappears from their list when they login. If they want to also stop receiving communication from your organization, they'll have to separately unsubscribe from your emails (by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any Timecounts email). 

Importantly, volunteers who 'leave' will not disappear from your Community Directory. They will no longer have the blue check and 'registered' in their profile card (to indicate that they have an account), but all of their data will stay in your system for reporting purposes. If the volunteer chooses to return by signing up for something new, Timecounts will automatically link them to their old profile card.

Note: Owner admins won't see the 'x' on their communities, because it's not possible for owner-admins to leave. If you're the owner admin and you'd like to delete your account, please contact support@timecounts.org. 

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