Every assignment you create has a 'Pipeline' tab, similar to the 'Volunteers' tab in events and gatherings. The Pipeline is where you can review and manage incoming applications for the assignment, and see your full list of 'qualified' volunteers.

A Qualified volunteer is someone who you've approved or added to that assignment. 

The Pipeline tab by default opens to 'Pending Applications'. To change your view, click the Pending Applications dropdown to see all options.

To qualify someone who has submitted an application, select the checkbox beside their name and click 'Qualify' in the toolbar. You can also click the big 'Qualify' button beside their name. 

To manually qualify someone who is already in your community database for an assignment, select Qualified in the dropdown. Click the 'Add' button and type in the box to bring up their name. You can select more than one person at once, by either typing to enter their names or choosing people from the Community Directory. 

If the volunteers you qualify have Timecounts accounts, they will now be able to see their assignment in the 'My Activities' tab of your hub (if they're logged in). Qualified volunteers must have a Timecounts account to login and signup for assignment shifts. You can send an invitation to create a Timecounts account in Community.

Note: volunteers do not receive an automatic notification that they have been qualified. To notify volunteers, you must send a message yourself. Select the volunteers you'd like to notify in the Pipeline tab, then click the Message button in the toolbar.

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