Once you've started to review and store applications, requested or confirmed shifts will appear in your schedule.

You can choose to automatically start a waitlist for a shift once the maximum number of volunteers is confirmed for that shift. To select the waitlist option, click the 'Start a Waitlist' checkbox when creating or editing a shift. If this box is not checked, the shift will show as 'Full' and be closed to signups once the maximum number of confirmed volunteers for the shift is reached.

Volunteer Signup

When a shift fills and the shift has a waitlist, then volunteers will see the action button for the shift change from 'Select Shift' to 'Join Waitlist'. Note that there is no order to the waitlist.

Manually Waitlisting Shifts

Respond to shift requests by clicking on the individual shift in the schedule and assign a status: Confirmed, Waitlist, or Decline. When you manually waitlist someone for a shift, that person will not be informed of their waitlist status until you notify them in the Shift Updates tab, or with a personal message. Currently, the waitlist is not in any particular order - it's just a holding status for you, incase someone cancels a shift.

All changes will appear in the Shift Updates tab, where you can select who needs to be notified of their shifts and shift changes.

You can also manage shifts directly in each volunteer's profile card throughout Timecounts. If you're in the event schedule, just click on a volunteer's name to pull up their shifts in their profile card. Everywhere else in Timecounts, you can click on a volunteers name and select the 'Activity' tab of the profile card. Click the event you're interested in to see their shifts and availability.

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