There are three views and three calendar options to help you manage your schedule. The views and calendar options can be toggled using the dropdowns and arrows at the top of the schedule.

Changing the date

Clicking on the arrows beside the date range will move you forward or backward in time according to the calendar selected.  You can also click on the date itself to open a drop-down month calendar, if you need to jump to a specific day.

Changing the Time Frame

Clicking on the schedule and dragging to the left or right will shift the timeframe. When in Day view, dragging to the left or right will move you through the hours of the day. When in week view, dragging to the left or right will reveal the other days in the week you've selected. To change the day or week, click on the arrows beside the date range at the top of the screen.

Shift View

The first view is the 'Shift' view. The Shift view shows you shifts on a calendar as you add them, and displays their status as you confirm participants.

Blue shifts have reached the minimum number of participants you set, striped blue shifts still need people to reach the minimum, and white shifts are empty. 

You can view the shift calendar by day, week, or month, using the Calendar dropdown at the top of the screen.

Shift Day View

The day view is organized with time along the top, so concurrent shifts sit beside one another. Click on the arrows on either side of the date at the top of the screen to move from day to day. Click on the schedule itself and drag left or right to scroll through the hours.

Shift Week View

In the week view, shifts on the same day stack on top of one another, and the time of the shift has moved to the top of the block. The circular arrow icon on the shifts indicates that those shifts are part of a repeating pattern of shifts. Click on the black schedule space and drag left or right to scroll through the days. Click on a shift to reveal its details, edit its settings, or assign someone to it.

Shift Month View

Click on a day of the month to display a list of that day's shifts in the left column. You can then click on a shift in the left column to reveal its details, edit its settings, or assign someone.

Filtering in the Shift View

If your event has lots of shifts, you may find it helpful to filter to only show certain kinds of shifts. To filter, click the Filter button in the schedule toolbar, and select the options you're interested in. You can filter to only show empty or partially full shifts, filter by role and location, and filter shifts by volunteer status. For example, you may want to quickly filter to see all shifts that need to be filled (selecting 'empty' and 'not yet full') AND have volunteers available ('shifts with volunteers available').

People View

Once you've created your schedule, you'll need to use the 'People' view. This view lists your volunteers with shifts beside their names, and a list of all shifts for the selected timeframe in the left column. Requested shifts appear in the People view for you to confirm, waitlist, or decline. There is only a People Day View and a People Week View - no month view.

To jump to the People view, select 'People' from the View dropdown at the top of the schedule. You can also jump to the People view for a specific shift, by clicking on any shift in the Shift Day, Shift Week, or Shift Month views and selecting 'Manage Volunteers' in the shift pop-up that appears.

People Day View

People Day View shows a list of all volunteers who have a confirmed, requested, or waitlisted shift on that day. Switch the day by clicking the arrows beside the day in the top left corner. 

If you're organizing a big event with lots of volunteers or shifts in one day, this view in its default form might be a bit overwhelming. To focus the view, you can click on shifts in the shift list on the left. This will display only volunteers for that shift. You can also use the filter tool in the schedule toolbar.

To change the status of a volunteer's shift or edit a shift that's assigned to a volunteer, click on the shift beside their name.

People Week View

People Week displays all of the volunteers for the week selected in a list, with shifts beside their names. The columns represent the days of the week. If a volunteer has more than one shift in one day, the shifts stack vertically. 

As in the People Day View, click on a volunteer's shift to change the status of the shift.

Click on the calendar and drag to the right or left to see all days for the week. To switch weeks, click on the arrows beside the date range at the top of the schedule.

Filtering in the People View

In the People view you are able to Filter People, so you can quickly see, for example, only those who are confirmed for shifts, or only requested or available people. 

But you'll notice that the People view has some of the same filters as the Shift view - Shift status and Volunteer status. This is because the People filter can do two things - filter the shift list in the left column, and filter the people who appear on the schedule. For example, if you select the 'Teaching' role in filter, you will see everyone in the schedule who has that position in the selected timeframe, and all of the Teaching shifts in the shift list on the left.

These filters work in combination, filtering both the shift list and volunteers.

List View

The last view in the schedule is the List view. It contains columns summarizing the total shifts each volunteer has for that event. This view is helpful if you're trying to assign a similar number of shifts to volunteers, or want to grant volunteers who greater availability more shifts. We're working on making this view even more powerful, with filters and other options. But in the meantime it's a quick overview intended to help you get the information you need to schedule.

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