When creating an event, you have a choice whether you would like to manually review applications and schedule/confirm participants, or have Timecounts do this automatically. You can edit automatic scheduling settings under Event Details > Participants.

Application Management, offers two options:

Let me review all applications: choose this option if you'd like to manually review and vet all applications for this event. This option gives you the greatest control over who will be added to your database and who can participate in the event.

Automatically approve applications: Selecting this option will automatically approve all applications from people who are already in your community database, and approve all new applicants who have verified their form submissions. Note that because new applicants will be automatically added to your database, your billing plan may increase automatically. Select this option if it's not important to review applications before confirming participation. 


Scheduling, offers two options:

Let me schedule shifts: Select this option to schedule shifts manually. Requested shifts will appear in your schedule with the title 'Requested'. You can then confirm shifts and notify volunteers of their confirmed shifts as you go.

Schedule shifts automatically: This option will automatically confirm all requested shifts from volunteers. The system will fill shifts as they're requested, and remove filled shifts from sign-up. This is a first-come-first-served option. Volunteers who request many shifts will be confirmed for every shift so long as the shifts are still available when their application is accepted.

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