The buttons in the schedule toolbar allow you to manage and communicate with your volunteers. 

To select light grey buttons, you must first select one or more volunteers (select the checkbox beside their names, or the 'Select all' checkbox at the top of the list).


Send an email or SMS text message to one volunteer, all participants, or everyone scheduled for a shift or position with the 'Message' button in the toolbar. 

To send a group message in the schedule, first filter the schedule to display the volunteers you would like to message, then select everyone using the checkboxes, and send a message in the toolbar. 

The Message button is for all of those little things that come up as you welcome new signups and manage your event. The message template includes basic information about the event along with your personal message.


Send an event or shift reminder using the 'Remind' button in the event toolbars. The Reminder email includes event information, a summary of upcoming shifts, a personal message, and a button to login and manage shifts.


Send an invitation for this event to people in your database with the 'Invite' button. 


You can export your schedule at any time. Filter the schedule to export only certain volunteers and shifts, or select the 'Export' button in any view to export the entire schedule. You will receive an spreadsheet over email, with a list of volunteer names, emails, shift names, shift times, and the status of each shift (Confirmed, Waitlisted, Not Needed).

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