Filtering in the Shift View

If your event has lots of shifts, you may find it helpful to filter to only show certain kinds of shifts. To filter, click the Filter button in the schedule toolbar, and select the options you're interested in. You can filter to only show empty or partially full shifts, filter by role and location, and filter shifts by volunteer status. For example, you may want to quickly filter to see all shifts that need to be filled (selecting 'empty' and 'not yet full') AND have volunteers available ('shifts with volunteers available').

Filtering in the People View

In the People view you are able to Filter People, so you can quickly see, for example, only those who are confirmed for shifts, or only requested or available people. 

But you'll notice that the People view has some of the same filters as the Shift view - Shift status and Volunteer status. This is because the People filter can do two things - filter the shift list in the left column, and filter the people who appear on the schedule. For example, if you select the 'Teaching' role in filter, you will see everyone in the schedule who has that position in the selected timeframe, and all of the Teaching shifts in the shift list on the left.

These filters work in combination, filtering both the shift list and volunteers.

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