You can duplicate an event or gathering by clicking the toggle in the top right corner of the activity and selecting 'Duplicate'.

You'll be asked to name the new activity (it can keep the same name as the original event or gathering, if desired). Then you'll need to set the new dates for the activity, and decide what information you would like to copy. 

For gatherings, you can choose to copy just the details of the gathering (description, image, and settings), or the details and attendance. This will copy over all confirmed volunteers to the new gathering.

For events, you can choose to copy just the details of the event, the details and shift schedule, or the details, shift schedule, and attendance (confirmed volunteers).

When you copy the schedule, the shifts will start on the first day of your new event (regardless of day of the week), and follow the same distribution pattern. For example, if the event you're copying started on a Friday with a shift at 7pm, and you set the new event to start on a Thursday, the first shift will be on the Thursday at 7pm. 

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