Create events and gatherings in the Organize tab.

An event or gathering has a set time frame, taking place on one day or across many days. What makes events and gatherings different is the signup process.

Events have multiple shifts and roles, whereas gatherings happen in one place, at one time. With events, you'll be organizing a schedule of your volunteers. With gatherings, you'll be managing a simple list. If all of your volunteers need to show up at the same time, work the same amount of hours, and perform the same activities, than you'll want to create a gathering. If volunteers are required at different times or in different roles, you'll want to create an event.

Note that the volunteer will see both events and gatherings as 'event' opportunities in your Hub. 

Once you've created your event or gathering, you will have the opportunity to add more details and customize settings. In the 'Overview' section, you can go back and edit the name of your event or gathering, the time and date, and the location. 

In the 'Description' tab, you will be asked to fill in a description of your event. This is where you will want to describe what's happening, who can participate, and why people should participate. You can use the same special formatting here that you can in messages, to embed videos, add links, or bold text. 

In the 'Permissions' tab, you will be asked to set the event's privacy, application management, and scheduling settings (if applicable). For both gatherings and events, you can choose to make the public page public, invite-only, or visible only to logged-in Community Members. You'll also need to decide if you'd like to automatically accept all applications, or review and manually confirm applications yourself.

If you've created an event with a schedule, you'll also be able to select schedule settings. 

To complete the creation of your event, click through the top tabs to upload an event cover image, and select a signup form to link to your event. If you have not yet created a form, follow the 'create a form' link on the 'Signup Forms' tab. You will need to create a form, then return to the 'Signup Forms' tab of your event in order to link it.

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