When you setup an event with a schedule, the positions and shifts you create are pulled into the volunteer signup. Volunteers are asked to select their preferred roles and shifts, then fill out the signup form you've linked to the event. 

The process is slightly different for returning, logged-in volunteers and new volunteers.

New Volunteers

New volunteers (or volunteers who are not logged-in to a Timecounts account) are asked to login at the top of the first step, shift selection. But logging in is not mandatory - any new volunteer can continue to select shifts and fill-out the signup form without logging in.

Volunteers are asked to select the shifts they're interested in. The shift list is sorted by Role, but there are also options to sort by Start Time and Location. Each shift lists the role, location, date, time, and open slots for that shift.

Full Shifts

When a shift fills and there is no active waitlist, the shift will be closed for signups:

Waitlist Shifts

When a shift fills and the shift has a waitlist (in the shift settings, 'start a waitlist' is checked), then the action button for the shift will change from 'Select Shift' to 'Join Waitlist'. Note that there is no order to the waitlist.

Signup Form

The next step after shift selection is the signup form:

Verification Page

Once a volunteer submits the form, they're redirected to a page that asks them to verify their email before continuing. This is to protect you from spam. If a volunteer doesn't verify their email at this point, you'll still receive the application, but it will appear in your Pending Applications as an 'unverified' submission that needs to be manually reviewed. 

Thank You Page

Once a volunteer submits the form, they'll see the Thank You page to confirm that the submission was successful. The first section of text on this page is customizable: go to the event Details > Signup Form tab to add a custom message.

The remaining text is automatically generate by Timecounts based on the settings you've selected for the event (automatically accept applications or manually accept applications), and the status of the volunteer (logged-in member, or new).

Returning, Logged-in Volunteers 

Logged-in volunteers will see their avatar at the top of each signup page. The signup form will also automatically auto-populate and hide questions the volunteer has already answered in previous forms. For example, if you already have their birthdate in your database, Timecounts will auto-populate then hide that question so they won't have to answer it again. The volunteer can click to open and see the full form, along with auto-populated fields, if they think their details may have changed since the last time they signed up for an opportunity with you.

Volunteers with Timecounts accounts can also update their basic profile information (email, address, phone number) at any time in their personal settings. When volunteers update their profile information, Timecounts requests permission to share the updated information with your organization.

After Submission

Once volunteers begin to signup, you will see notifications in your dashboard and the 'Volunteers' section of your event. Depending on your personal settings, you will also receive either a daily or weekly notice of new signups and messages.

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