Setting the location for an event is one of the first steps in creating an event. Event location can also be edited in the 'Details' tab of the event.

Start typing the street address or name of your location. If you can't find what you're looking for from the dropdown that appears, you can create a new custom location.  

If you've selected a location from the dropdown, you'll see a summary of your location appear. It includes the address and a map. You can select 'Edit location' to give your location a more detailed name such as 'My house', 'Back Room of the Community Hall', or 'Our office'). You also have the option of adding specific instructions, such as 'meet around back'. All locations you edit will be remembered and saved for next time.

If you choose to create a custom location, you will fill in the same location options manually, and you can choose where to position the pin on the map.

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