Once volunteers begin to signup, you will see notifications in the 'Volunteers' tab of your event. The tab opens to Pending Applications by default, but you can also click the dropdown at the top to see all Approved or Declined volunteers.

People who appear with a 'NEW' icon beside their name are brand new to your community database! 

You can also tag and message people who have signed up within this tab.

Reviewing and Accepting Applications

If you've set your event to manual review of applications, then the first step is to click on each new name to open their application, or scroll to the right to see all responses in a grid. Accept people into your database and confirm them for the event by selecting the box beside their name and click the 'Approve' icon in the toolbar. 

When you approve a response, that person is added to your community. Until you approve an application, the volunteer is not yet a member of your community directory. To help you manage new volunteers, pending volunteer applications for new event volunteers will also appear in the New Members tab of your Community until you've accepted their application.

If you choose to decline an application, you'll be given the opportunity to specify a reason and send an email to the volunteer. You're also given the option to save the application to your database.

If your event is set to auto-accept applications, you will still have to manually accept unverified applications, to protect against spam. An application is unverified if that person was not logged-in to a Timecounts account when they submitted their signup, and did not verify their email after signing up. Click here to learn more about verification.

If your event is set to let you review and confirm shifts, then your volunteer's shift requests will appear in the schedule as soon as their applications are accepted. You can return to the schedule to confirm and manage shifts as you continue to receive and accept responses.

If your event is set to auto-confirm shifts, then confirmed shifts will automatically appear in the schedule as soon as applications are accepted. Learn more about auto-scheduling.

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