Every event you create in Timecounts has a public page, with a description, cover image, link to your Hub, and signup funnel.

The information on the event public page is pulled from your event details, and account information. You can edit your event details in the Details tab of your event navigation.

In the 'Description' section, you can add an event description. The event description appears on your event page above the 'Signup' button. You can use the same special formatting here that you can in messages, to embed videos, add links, or bold text.

You can add or change the event cover photo in the 'Images' section of the event 'Details' tab. We recommend using a high-resolution image that is at least 1200px wide. The image will be automatically cropped to fit the responsive design of the desktop and mobile versions of your event page. Because of this, we recommend images without any text.

Event Signup

The 'Volunteer' buttons on the event page ask volunteers to select their preferred roles and shifts before they fill out the event signup form. Learn how to edit the event signup process.

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