Extending the Schedule

Assignment schedules are also ongoing. When you create a schedule, you'll be asked to choose a start date and a publishing structure. Choose to publish by week, month, or three month increments. 

To create an ongoing schedule, you'll need to create and setup the first week, month, or three month section of your schedule.

Once you've added all of your repeating shifts, and set them all to repeat far into the future, you can extend your schedule.

When you’re ready to create your next schedule section, navigate to the end of your schedule and click ‘Extend Schedule’.

Extending the schedule will add a new week, month, or three month section. You can copy all active repeating shifts forward into the next section.

It's not possible to create repeating shifts that span schedule sections after you've extended the schedule. So be sure to set-up your repeating shifts first.

At this time, Timecounts doesn’t support copying volunteer participation into new schedule sections. So if you have regular volunteers, you will need to assign them to their repeating shift patterns for each schedule section that you create.

Once the schedule has been extended and your shifts are copied over, you can then publish the new schedule section for volunteer signup. When you publish each schedule section, you'll be asked if you want to notify your assignment volunteers. The notification email contains a button for your assignment volunteers to login or create a Timecounts account in order to sign up for shifts.


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