What is the Hub?

The Community Hub is your volunteer portal. It's where people learn how to get involved and apply for opportunities. Volunteers can login with either a Timecounts account or a Facebook account to gain access to their activities and schedule. 

There are two parts to your Hub: the landing page, and the Opportunities page.

The landing page is what you see when you edit your Hub - it has a big banner at the top, and customizable sections that allow you to tell your organization's story to volunteers. There's also a Join button, which links to a simple application form.

The Opportunities page of the Hub is only visible on the Premium Plan. It automatically lists any public events and assignment applications that you've published.

How can I use the Hub?

The Hub allows you to recruit new volunteers with a beautiful landing page. If you're on the Premium plan, you're also able to list all of your volunteer opportunities and signups in one place. How you use the Hub is up to you, but here are some ideas:

Use the Hub as your new volunteer application.

If you only need one main volunteer application, you can design the Hub to explain why people should get involved, and then edit the signup form attached to the 'Join Us' button. When people join, you'll be able to review applications and decide who should be added to your Community Directory. From there, you can use the database to keep track of volunteer interests and information.

Make the Hub your centre for volunteers.

The Hub is most useful if you think of it as the centre for your volunteers. Any event, activity, or role that requires signup or scheduling can be created in Timecounts and shared as an 'Opportunity' in the Hub. That includes orientations, training sessions, workshops, big events with shifts, small rsvp events, and ongoing roles.

You can publish opportunities so that they are visible to everyone who visits your Hub, or visible only logged-in volunteers that you've approved as part of your community.

If you're organizing all of your volunteer opportunities in Timecounts, you can design your Hub landing page to explain the different parts of your volunteer program, the application process, and the impact volunteers have across your organization. Prospective volunteers can either complete your general signup by clicking the 'Join Us' button, or apply for an opportunity directly.

Design the Hub for one big annual event

If your organization only needs to recruit and schedule volunteers for one big event, you can design the Hub to reflect that event instead of your organization. Think of it as one giant event page! That way, you'll be able to publish applications for specific roles, signups for orientations, training sessions, and volunteer parties all in one Opportunities page themed for your event.

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