Volunteer account creation in Timecounts is optional. Volunteers who have created Timecounts accounts are identified with a blue check next to their avatar and 'Registered' in their profile card.

If you've imported a list of volunteers, or have a bunch of volunteers who recently signed up but didn't create accounts, you may want to send an invitation to create an account. 

There are two kinds of invitations that you can send from the Community tab in Timecounts:

  1. Share Link to Hub. Send this invitation when you've imported people into your database, and are ready to let them know about your Timecounts Hub. Volunteers will receive an invitation with a button link to view your Community Hub. From there, volunteers may click the 'Join Us' button in your Hub to signup. Volunteers who signup through your Join Us form or your opportunities are asked if they'd like to create an account, but it's not required. 

The email looks like this:

2) Invite to Create an Account. Send this invitation when you already have all of the information you need from volunteers, and you don't want them to have to fill out another form, but you want them to be able to login to Timecounts. For example, you may have volunteers who you've approved for assignments, but until they create Timecounts accounts, they won't be able to login and signup for assignment shifts. This email invite contains a button link to an account creation page that only asks for an email and password.

To send an invitation, click the 'Invite' dropdown in Community. You can customize the message before it's sent.

You can filter your community directory to only send to a certain group of people (for example, everyone who filled out the Dog Walker form who doesn't have an account). Simply add the filters you're interested in, including the filter: Timecounts account > Not yet registered. Then select everyone and click the Invite button in the top right corner of Community.

The email looks like this:

The 'Create Account' button takes the volunteer to a new screen, to enter a password or signup through Facebook:

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