How will this impact my volunteers?

The important thing to know is that volunteers will not need to create a new login and password. The new version of Timecounts is much more user-friendly, especially on mobile - so while change can take a little adjustment, the positives will outweigh any negatives. Should volunteers log into Timecounts before your organization has been transitioned, don't worry they be able to find your hub easily from the new User Dashboard. Once your organization does transition, we will post a welcome notice linking to an article about the changes and provide some support there. We will also provide you with a template email that you may wish to send to your volunteers about the upgrade.

I am a paying customer, will the price of my subscription plan change?

If you are currently a paid customer of Timecounts or upgrade prior to March 15, 2023, there will be no change to the amount you pay. However, we are changing all of our plans, so the name of your subscription and some of the functionality will evolve with this new version.

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Premium > Advanced
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My organization is currently on the free plan, what does this mean?

Timecounts has been proud to support nonprofits with a free plan over the last 10 years. We hope you have gotten the most out of Timecounts during this time. There are two options for a free plan customer:

1) Upgrade by March 15, 2023, and take advantage of the legacy pricing. We will assist you in transitioning to the new version of Timecounts.

2) Leave Timecounts prior to March 1, 2023. While we hate to see you go, it's understandable if you have a limited budget. We will do our best to support you by suggesting free alternatives to Timecounts and making sure you are able to export your data.

We know there may be organizations on the free plan with special circumstances, or the timing may not be right over the next 30 days. Please just reach out on the in-app support chat and are happy to discuss.

Sounds amazing! When can I start using the New Timecounts?

We are super excited to move all current paid customers to the New Timecounts starting February 15, 2023. You will receive an email to select a day to transition. We will be as accommodating as possible, but ask that you do have patience as this is a big move.

What does the transition to the New Timecounts involve?

95% of the transition will be done by the Timecounts team. Data (contacts, database information, checklist and qualifying status, tags, skills, volunteer hours, etc.) will be moved over automatically. We will also be working with you one-to-one to make sure everything has transitioned over smoothly and to answer any questions about using the New Timecounts.

How can I prepare for the transition?

The only thing we are not able to move over automatically is the hub design and content, email templates, and any images you've used for assignments or events that you wish to continue using. You may wish to start collecting these images in a folder and saving some of the content from your current hub to a document that allows you to easily copy and paste when building your new hub. We're happy to advise - but at the same time we know the hub is a very personal place, so we felt it was best to leave that to you.

Will there be videos and support to help us?

Yes, absolutely. On your transition date, you will be able to access help center articles and detailed tutorial videos.

Where can I find a list of features on the new platform?

This will be released soon. In the meantime here is a sneak peek.

If you have more questions please contact us through the in-app support chat. We will continue to update this FAQ as more questions come in. Thank you!

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