Welcome! You're taking the first step towards setting up your vaccination site volunteer hub. If you click on the world icon on the left-hand navigation that will take you to the HUB. The hub is the online portal for your volunteers to sign up, check on upcoming shifts, make changes to their commitments, and view logged hours.

If you selected 'Vaccination Site' when you created your organization on Timecounts, you will have a basic template design for your hub so you can get going in only a couple of minutes.

There are a couple of quick things you're going to want to do first:

  1. Add the name of your site to the title. Feel free to change this to something that works for you, it's just a template.

  2. Upload a logo. If you don't have one, feel free to use a COVID icon we've made available here.

  3. Edit the header image and upload a photo. It should be a large image, we don't have exact sizes because it will change slightly depending on screen size. Here are a few images that have been provided by the American Red Cross.

Once you've taken care of that, go ahead and Publish the updates to save your work. If you're having trouble loading the Publish button just refresh the page and that should fix it. Until you start to share your hub, no one will find it as we don't have a discovery feature.

If you scroll down you'll see two illustrations highlighting Clinical Shifts and Non-Clinical Shifts - these are the two sign-up pathways for volunteers. (More about building your schedule here). This is only suggested, feel free to edit or make changes that work for your vaccination site location.

The illustrations are linked to the Event List view. Once you've published the individual Events, you may wish to go in and edit the link on each illustration so it takes people directly to the Event signup rather than the Event list view. But don't forget to update that when you post a new schedule.

If you want to create additional content blocks within your hub layout, you can do that at the very bottom. It's completely customizable and you can move them up and down.

If you have your own brand colors, use the Theme module at the top to customize.

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