1,000 Emails / Month

Upgraded from 250/month on the Free Plan.
Learn More about Email Limits

Up to 3 Admins

Upgraded from 1 admin on the Free Plan, the Essential Plan will let you add up to 3 admins.
Learn More about Adding Admins to your Account

Custom Database Fields

We provide a wide selection of commonly used database fields available on all plans. The Essential plan will allow you to customize or add a field that is unique to your organization.

Unlock Unlimited Tags

Tags are a powerful way to group and organize your volunteers. The Free Plan provides five tags, upgrade to Essential to get Unlimited tags.

Volunteers Logging Time

Give volunteers a way to submit ad hoc hours for approval.

Log Ad hoc / Project Time

Manually log ad hoc time for hours that are not scheduled in Timecounts or upload past hours.

Basic Volunteer Hours Report

The Essential Plan gives you an Insight Report called 'Volunteer Hours'. This will allow you to get total volunteer hours for your organization by Day, Week, Month, Year. You can also get totals for your volunteers and set the time frame. You can export or print the report.
Learn more about Reporting Insights

Waitlist Feature

Creating a shift allows you to set a min/max number of volunteers that can participate. If you wish to offer a waiting list, you can activate that on the Essential Plan.

Cancellation Limits

Set a cutoff time for volunteers canceling their shifts or event commitments via the hub. Write a custom instructional message letting them know how you wish for them to cancel. Learn More about Setting a Cutoff Time for Volunteers to Cancel.

Volunteer Notice

Post a notice volunteers will see when they login to your hub on Timecounts. Customize a welcome message, update them on important news, or provide guidance for new or regular volunteers. Learn More about Posting a Volunteer Notice.

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