This feature is available on Essential, Premium, and Growth plans.

Setting up Volunteers Log Time

Not all volunteer time is going to be scheduled in Timecounts. You may have assignments, projects, or ad hoc opportunities where volunteers are expected to report their hours. This can be logged for specific days or across a time period.

To activate the Volunteers Log Time feature, go to Settings / Preferences and update how you wish for volunteers to report their time.

There are a few options to customize when people submit their volunteer time:

To turn off this feature, simply set both Assignments and General / Ad hoc to 'Do not allow'.

Volunteer Experience for Logging Time

Once you have activated this feature, volunteers who are logged in and listed in your directory will see a button for 'Log Time' in the Volunteer Time tab in their hub.

The name of the activity, date volunteers, and hours are mandatory to submit time. Skills utilized and a field to receive additional information or feedback from volunteers is optional.

Additional things to consider communicating with your volunteers:

  • You may wish to let your volunteers know how to prefer for them to complete the 'Add details' section. Every organization works differently, so we've kept it very flexible on purpose.

  • The volunteer will need to select a specific date for submitting their time and not a range (ie. month of October). This is because we need to identify a specific date for reporting purposes. So you may want it logged at the start of the month or the end of the month, just let them know so it's consistent when you filter and run your reports. They can always add the dates or timeframe in the details section to communicate specific information.

Once volunteers submit their time, they will see it appear in their history as 'Under Review'

And 'Verified' once approved by an admin of your organization.

Approving Requested Time

The Track tab in your navigation is where you manage volunteer time. There are two tabs:

Scheduled Time: hours that are scheduled in Timecounts which automatically move over the next day for approval. This is available on all plans.

Requested Time: hours that have been submitted by volunteers through the hub.

If you wish to auto-approve time submitted by volunteers, you can adjust your Settings under Preferences. This is only advisable if you trust and know your volunteers.

Can I edit the name or date of the activity that the volunteer has submitted?
No, you can edit the hours and skills before you verify, but if you wish to make a change to the name or date - you will need to decline (delete) the submitted hours and manually log it or ask the volunteer to re-submit.

Where can I find the Details submitted by the volunteer after I've approved the hours?
You will find a record of the comment submitted by volunteers in their profile card activity tab.

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