Credit Time for a Past Activity

Sometimes you'll have a volunteer show up that isn't on the schedule. Instead of opening up the past event and assigning directly to a shift, you can manually log volunteer time.

Go to the 'Track' tab and click 'Log Time' in the toolbar. Search for the person you wish to credit from the Directory. Next, start typing the name of the activity with a blue schedule icon next to it. 

Once you've entered in the volunteers you wish to credit and found the activity, you'll be taken to the credit screen. 

If you don't find the activity you're looking for in this list, there could be a few reasons. You can only credit time for something that's happened already, so if your event has not ended you won't see it appear here. Or if it's not something you've scheduled in Timecounts. In that case what you'll want to do is create a New Activity - this will create what we know as a Project. 

From this view you'll notice that the Event details and hours are already prefilled. If the event has shifts you can use the dropdown to select the right shifts for this volunteer. You are able to edit the hours, skills and add optional Feedback.

Once you've added the hours, you can open the profile card of the volunteer and on the Activity view you'll find the hours listed. It will also appear in the Analyze section when looking at Insight reporting. Don't worry if you make a mistake, you can always edit the hours using the edit pencil in the profile card.

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