If you wish to log time for a something that has not been scheduled in Timecounts and it doesn't make sense to use an Assignment, then you will want to create a 'New Activity'. We call this an 'Ad Hoc Project' for reporting purposes, but it's super flexible. You can set whatever details you like and it will be available search in future and associate volunteer hours. 

To get started, go to the 'Track' tab and click the 'Log Time' button in the toolbar. It will open up to a modal and ask you to search for a volunteer to credit from the Directory.

In the next field, start typing or enter the name of the new activity you wish to create. At the top of the dropdown you will see an option to 'Create a new activity'. Click on that and it will open up to a new view.

Enter in the details for the New Activity. If you have the time you can enter it, but keep in mind that it will report as a separate opportunity if you are aiming to group people together that may have hours outside of this shift. To be flexible, you can simply enter in a time period to associate hours to. When it appears in reporting, you'll see the hours show as the first day of the time frame.

Once you've created a New Activity you won't be able to delete it from the search options, but you can edit the hours you credit a volunteer.

On the next screen you can input the number of hours you wish to credit. It's easy way to log hours across a month for hours volunteered. (ie. Website Development 10 hours this month)

Learn How to Log Time Not Scheduled in Timecounts

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