Note: If you wish to have the Assignment hours associated with a specific schedule you've created, please open up the Schedule and add them directly to a shift. That will convert their time to the Track tab without manually adding it with the Log Time button.

Logging Ad Hoc Time for an Assignment

We know that not all volunteer opportunities are scheduled shifts. Sometimes you have volunteers that complete ad hoc hours and you want to associate them to a specific ongoing Assignment. 

Once you've selected the volunteer you wish to credit, start typing and you'll see Assignments appear in the search dropdown with a green icon. If you don't see anything listed, it's because you have not created an Assignment or you may have Archived the Assignment.

In order to associate Assignment hours the volunteer must be Qualified. There will be a warning to let you know, but you will also see the Assignment appear lighter if the people selected are not qualified.

In this case, I wish to credit a block of volunteer time. Unlike Events, Schedules and Projects, Assignment hours will not create a permanent opportunity. 

Enter a location. You can enter No Location, Online or Global as alternatives - or simply list the City if you wish to group that way in Reporting.

Start and End Times are optional. You can enter ad hoc time across a time period (ie. the month of October), but if you know the actual shift times, that can be displayed in the profile card and to the volunteer by selecting the checkbox and completing the fields. 

I wish to log 12 hours for the month of October. It will display with the time frame, but for reporting purposes it will register all hours on the first day of the period specified. So just remember that when you are filtering reports and logging ad hoc time.

On the next screen you can enter the hours and if skills are associated to the Assignment it will pre-populate them in this view to make it easier. Feel free to edit an adjust for the volunteers you are crediting. It won't impact the Assignment template. 

Feedback is optional. It will be seen by the volunteer on their Volunteer Time tab in the Hub.

This is the record you will see in the profile card once credited. When hours are credited manually it will be displayed with a navy dot. 

If you need to edit, simply click on it and use the edit pencil to amend the hours. You can enter time up to the quarter of the hour or a fifteen minute block. There is no way to delete time once credited, you will need to change it to zero (0).

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