Note: If you are using Timecounts to schedule, do not manually log time or you may end up with duplications as it automatically moves to the Track tab an hour after the shift or event has ended. Learn more about Approving Volunteer Hours scheduled in Timecounts and how you can change your Volunteer Time Approval Settings.

How to Log Time as an Admin

Tracking volunteer hours in Timecounts is very straightforward. From the Navigation on the left, click on the 'Track' tab.

In the toolbar you will see a button called 'Log Time'. 

Step 1: Select a Volunteer 

When you press the 'Log Time' button it will open up to a modal and ask you to search your Community Directory for the volunteer or volunteers who you wish to credit with time. If you cannot find the person you are looking for, go back to Community and make sure they are Imported into the Directory first.

Step 2: Select or Create a New Activity 

When you log volunteer time you will be asked to select an activity. This is important when reporting volunteer hours so you can get more accurate insights about your volunteer program. It will also display a record in the profile card 'Activity' tab and in the 'Volunteer Time' section of the hub for volunteers to see, so it's nice to make that clear.  

If you start typing it will search past events, assignments and projects. If you don't see the activity you want, at the top it gives you an option to 'Create a new activity'. Once you've selected both a volunteer and activity, press Next or Credit Time to move to the next step. 

Scroll down for more detailed instructions on logging time for different types of activities.

Step 3: Credit Time and Skills

Finally, you can input or edit the hours you wish to credit and skills to validate. Don't worry, if you make a mistake you can edit the hours from the volunteer's profile card in future using the edit pencil. 

There is a section to add Feedback or comments for the volunteer. This is optional and will only be seen by that volunteer next to their credited time in the hub. We advise to keep Feedback friendly and appreciative. It should not take the place of a one-on-one conversation if the volunteer is not performing to your expectations. This is just a nice way to offer a personalized touch.

Credited Time Displayed to a Volunteer

Volunteer time will appear in chronological order in the 'Volunteer Time' tab of the Hub. If the hours are approved, it will appear with a Verified stamp. If the time is waiting to be approved the volunteer will see it listed as Pending.

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