Only one device can be logged into your account at a time. Do you use both the mobile and web to log in? Or possibly two different computers? For security reasons, logging in on a second device will cause this message to be displayed on the first device and automatically logged out within 1 minute. It will let you know to save what you are working on and give you a chance to log back in. If you did not login on a second device, we advise you to immediately change your password.

As per our Terms and Conditions, accounts and passwords should never be shared as it puts your organization and data at risk of vulnerability. If you require additional administrators please upgrade to ensure full privacy and security for your organization. If everyone has their own profile to login on Timecounts, it allows the owner of your account to quickly remove an administrator without worrying about access. 

To provide additional security for admins and volunteers, Timecounts sessions will automatically expire every 12 hours if there has been no activity. Don't worry, if you are actively working in a session it will not log you out unless a security vulnerability has been identified.

We regularly monitor Timecounts for security issues. If you have any security concerns, you can reach us at

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