NEW! We have added a section to the Help Center called 'What's New' where you can learn all about the new features and updates for Timecounts.

You will start to see a trend over the next few months as we turn our focus towards creating the best possible volunteer experience. With this latest release we've made it even easier for volunteers to find their upcoming commitments and sign ups. Please take a few minutes to read as this will impact your Hub.

My Activities is now Home

The My Activities tab has been renamed to Home in the Hub and the Resources tab is now permanently fixed under Commitments for consistency. You will soon also see a Time Tracking tab under Home where volunteers will be able to view a full breakdown of their credited hours and log volunteer time for approval.

Assignment Shift Signups Have Moved 

The biggest change is that all signups now appear under the Opportunities section of the Hub. Volunteers qualified for Assignments are able to view their weekly or monthly schedules on a single consolidated tab called Available Shifts. This keeps it simple so volunteers signing up for opportunities now only have one place to look. It also lays the groundwork for even more flexibility and visibility options in future.

We will be communicating this change to volunteers when they login - but it's important to note that you now have a dedicated URL you can share with volunteers to direct them exactly where they need to go. Regardless of whether a volunteer is logged in or out the navigation tabs will remain the same for Opportunities

Set a Default View for Opportunities and Shifts

Along with the changes to Opportunities, we're giving you even more ways to customize the volunteer experience. There is no longer an ALL view as each opportunity type has its own page and filters. Your hub will be defaulted to Events, but you can change this to Assignments or the Available Shifts view from Settings / Preferences. Volunteers will of course be able to select each opportunity type, but the experience can be tailored to how your organization works. 

Premium Plan customers can also customize the default view for Shifts. The current default is Start Time, but you can choose to change it so shifts are viewed by Role or by Location first. 

Customize your default views under Settings/Preferences

Psst.... We are working on a future feature that will let Organizations create categories in the Hub. So if you wish to create a bunch of Orientation events and group them under a new tab called Orientations, this will be perfect for you. Please let us know if this is something you are interested in using and we'll bump it up in priority.

Event Role Descriptions

Events now display the role, role description and skills on the first page, before the shift selection. It will only appear if there are shifts scheduled for that role. If the role is full or waitlisted, volunteers will know right away.

Assignment Skills

Assignments applications now have a section to list the Skills you're looking for. Similar to Events, the skills will appear on signup pages. If you've added a Skills section already, you're going to want to edit your application so you don't have duplication. The biggest benefit to using this new searchable Skills section is that it will automatically convert to the Track tab so you can validate those skills for volunteers.

Let us know what you think of these changes!

PS - Our Salesforce integration was just approved for the AppExchange! The good news is that we have decided to make this available on all paid plans. So look out for an official announcement when it's launched very soon. 

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