This feature is available on Premium and Growth plans.

What is an Optional Reference?

Optional Reference is a text field that appears when you are creating a new shift. It allows you to add a small bit of text next to a shift so the volunteer signing up can view it.

When would I use an Optional Reference?

The great thing about an Optional Reference is that it's completely flexible. You may not have a use for it, but it's there if you need it. A few use cases we've noticed:

  • Festivals love using to show volunteers the film that's playing or an artist that's performing during their shift. 

  • Organizations with different programs may choose to reference it to volunteers.

  • If you have a Reserved shift, you can mark it with the name of the person or group.

  • Some organizations do not want to break up Roles into different levels and will instead write 'Leader' in the Optional Reference field to signal to volunteers that it requires certain credentials to apply.

Adding an Optional Reference to a Shift

Press the Add Shift button from within a schedule to create a new shift. Once you've selected your Role/Assignment and Location, you'll see blue text that says 'Add Optional Reference'.

If you click on that blue text, it will open up a new text field.

You can then write in anything you wish to appear next to the shift in the signup view for volunteers.

If you wish to add to a shift that's already saved, click on the shift and go to Edit Shift and follow the same instructions.

How the Optional Reference Appears to Volunteers During Sign Up

When volunteers are picking their shifts, they will see it appear right next to the shift.

Can volunteers filter according to the Optional Reference?

No, Optional Reference is not searchable or filterable. It is simply a text field to communicate on a shift per shift basis.

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