This feature is available on Premium and Growth plans. 

If you have documents you wish to share with your volunteer community, Resources are a fantastic way to do that.

Uploading Documents to the Resources Section

To build your Resources, simply go to Settings > Resources (click bottom left corner to find Settings). 

Click on Upload and you will be able to upload files from your computer, Dropbox, Google Drive, Facebook, Instagram and just about anywhere you keep documents online.

Once uploaded, you will see it appear on the Resources tab in Settings for you to manage. 

Deleting a Document from Resources

If you wish to remove or replace a document, go to the Resources tab in Settings and click the grey X to the right of the file you wish to delete. You will see a popup confirming that this is permanent. You can continue to upload new documents. It saves and updates to the Resources section on the hub immediately.

How Volunteers Use Resources

Once you've added documents to the Resources tab in Settings, it will automatically be visible and available for download to logged in volunteers on the Resources tab under the Home in the Hub.

From the Resources tab, volunteers can easily click on the document and download it to read and share.

Add Instructional Copy 

If you wish to write a few sentences to appear at the top of the Resources page, click on the Membership tab in Settings and look for Resources Note. Write up to 500 characters and press Save. This text is optional and can be updated at anytime. 

You may wish to explain to volunteers what they should do with the documents provided or give further details about the documents you posted. The Note will appear at the top of the Resources to volunteers.

How many documents can I upload?

You can make as many files available as you like. There is a limit of 10MB per individual file and depending on which plan you are on, there is a cap of 500MB for Premium and 1GB for Growth. You can track this on the Resources page to show you what % of space you have remaining. 

I think I will need more document storage space, what do I do?

When you feel you are close to your subscription limit, you can upgrade under Settings > Billing. Or if you are already on the Growth Plan, contact us to purchase Document Storage space.

What happens to my documents if I downgrade my subscription?

If you change from a Premium or Growth plan to the Free plan or let your subscription lapse, you will lose access to Document Storage features immediately. Don't worry, Timecounts does not delete any files for at least 30 days, so you have a period of time to upgrade or update your subscription before those files are lost. 

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