This feature is available on Premium and Growth plans. 

Upload Documents to a Profile Card

If you wish to attach files to a volunteer in your Community, open up their Profile Card and scroll down to the Documents section of the Profile tab. 

Click on the Upload Files button and it will reveal an easy to use uploader. You are able to upload files from your Computer, Dropbox, Google Drive, Instagram, Facebook and much more. 

Accessing Documents in a Profile Card

To view a document attached to a volunteer's profile card, you can click the file and it will automatically download and open up.

Deleting Documents from a Profile Card

If you no longer wish to keep a file attached to someone's profile, simply open the profile card to the Documents section where you originally uploaded it. Press the X next to the file you wish to remove. This will permanently delete the file, so make sure you have a backup or are sure you wish to delete it. 

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