Signed up to Timecounts and not sure where to find the organization you wish to volunteer for? For privacy reasons, we do not have a search for organizations at this time. Here are a couple of reasons why that may be happening:

Account Email Needs to Match Invite

If you were invited, but signed up with a different email, it will not match what the organization has listed in their community directory. Check the invite and see which email they used. If that's the reason, you can update your Primary Email under Profile Settings. Look for the Email tab. When you go back, it should now display your organization. 

You Only Signed up to Timecounts, Not the Organization

By creating a Timecounts account, you've already completed an important step. If you were directed to Timecounts and not the volunteer hub for your Organization, it's possible you were expecting to see it when you created an account. Organizations using Timecounts have their own portal that you can sign up to and view Opportunities. So we need to get you back there so you can register with them and get connected.

If you are not sure what the URL is for the organization's hub. Check your email to see if it's shown, is there a link from the organization's main website? The best thing to do is to reach out directly to the organization and get that URL to signup.

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