Now that you've designed your Assignment application, you're ready to make it available for signups. First check your Application Management settings on the Details tab of your Assignment, so it's set to either review or automatically approve incoming applications.

Active Assignments are always in a published state, which enables you to manage recruitment privately and ensure Assignments are available to be scheduled. This does not mean they are visible for new applicants. To make an Assignment application public or available for signup, you must Open the application. From the Overview tab of your Assignment, you will see a button that says Applications Closed in the top right corner. If you click on the arrow it will reveal a drop-down allowing you to Open applications or change state. 

From this screen you have the option to select the visibility permissions you wish for your Assignment. 

  • Anyone (Public): means it will be visible on your hub and available to everyone for signup. 

  • Anyone with a Link: means it will not appear on your hub, but it will be publicly available to anyone you send the URL of the Assignment application to.

  • Organization Members: means it won't be seen by people that are not in your Directory, but it will be available to members who are logged into your hub opportunities tab or those you've invited. 

You have the option of setting a specific Open and/or Close date. If you keep it ongoing you will just need to Close it manually. Assignments are great because they can allow for multiple intakes throughout the year. So you can open or close the application has many times as you like.

How do I delete an Assignment?
If you no longer wish to use the Assignment, you can open it and from the dropdown select 'Archive'. We do not have a way to permanently delete Assignments as there can be too much history attached and you may wish to make it available again in future. If you were testing and are just trying to clean up things, another option is to simply rename and edit it to be used as a future Assignment.

Why am I unable to create an Assignment with the same name?
We do not want to have duplication of Assignment names because this will impact reporting. You may have archived an Assignment that was once in use, so you will need to go in and re-publish that or give it a different name to make it available. You can also set variations of the Assignment name.

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