This feature is currently in beta - please contact us directly if you wish to join. It will soon be available on the Growth plan.

In this guide, you will learn how to set up your Timecounts and Salesforce integration. This integration will allow you to sync contact information and volunteer hours. 

Volunteer hours will only sync one way from Timecounts to Salesforce, so any changes you make in Salesforce in that field will be overwritten as the source of truth for volunteer time is in Timecounts.

When a contact is updated in Timecounts it will be synced with Salesforce, ensuring you have the most updated information.

Importing Salesforce Contacts into Timecounts

The integration will only sync contacts with Salesforce that first appear in Timecounts. This is to prevent your entire Salesforce database from contaminating your volunteer database. 

Timecounts plans have unlimited contacts, so if you do wish to import your Salesforce database (or a segment of contacts) into Timecounts at anytime, you can do so by exporting from Salesforce and using the Import functionality. From there it will sync back to Salesforce and you can match with the right profile so it continues a two way sync.

Step by Step Guide to Activating your Salesforce Integration

Before you Begin
Ensure you have contacts in your Timecounts Community Directory so you can test that it's working. You will also need to be logged into your Salesforce account. It is not a requirement, but the person who completes the integration should ideally be the admin 'owner' so there is consistency with permissions. 

Step One:
Go to the Integrations tab within your organization's Settings. You can access Settings by clicking the user switcher bottom left corner.

Step Two:
Press the Green button called 'Connect to Salesforce'

It will take you to a screen in Salesforce that asks for permission to share...
Press 'Allow'.

Step Three:
You will now need to press the green button to 'Install Timecounts for Salesforce'. 

It will bring you to this screen in Salesforce. Select the middle option 'Install for All Users', check the 'Acknowledgement' and press the 'Install' button.

If this takes a few minutes, don't worry, its just Salesforce taking a moment to accept the data. 

Step Four:
Now you are all set with your integration! 

On your Timecounts Salesforce Integration Page, you will notice the two buttons have now transitions to an Uninstall and Disconnect option.

Step Five:

Now let's open up Salesforce to connect your layout options and confirm everything with the integration is working.

Learn more on setting up your contacts with this step by step video:

  • From within Salesforce go to the 'Quick Find' top left corner and search for 'page layout'. 

  • Click on 'Object Manager'

  • From the Object Manager screen select 'Contact' from the list

  • On the 'Contact' view, select 'Page Layouts' and then click on the button top right corner called 'Page Layout Assignment'

  • It will bring up a list, press Edit Assignment underneath.

  • From this edit view, select 'System Administrator' again to highlight and at the top you will see a dropdown for 'Page Layout To Use', select the option for 'TimecountsConnect Contact Page Layout' and press 'Save' at the bottom of the screen.

  • Once this has been saved you can click the 9 dots icon at the top left corner of Salesforce to open the App Launcher and find the new Timecounts App.

  • Select 'Timecounts' and it will open up to the Timecounts for Salesforce volunteer managers view.

Congrats, all steps have been completed!
You should now be able to click on the Salesforce app and see all of your Timecounts Volunteers.

Things not working as expected?
Check out the Salesforce for Timecounts FAQ or learn more by reading Overview of working with your Salesforce integration.

If you still have questions about this integration or require assistance, please reach out via the in chat icon within your Timecounts Community.

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