Reporting Insights

Reporting Insights are a great way to measure your volunteer community.
Learn more about Reporting Insights

Checklist with Expiry Reminders

Track items volunteers must complete to maintain their status in your organization, with optional expiry reminders.
Learn more about how the Checklist works

Document Storage 

Upload documents to Profile Cards to save files associated with volunteers.
Learn more about Document Storage

Resources Page

Upload documents to a Resources section in the hub for volunteers to download documents.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page

You have the ability to add a FAQ Page on your Timecounts Community Hub. A great page for answering volunteer questions - all on one page.
Learn More on how to use your FAQ Page

Repeating Shifts

With the Assignment Schedule, you have the ability to extend the schedule. This will create a new schedule section that you can publish separately. Be sure to build your current schedule before extending.
Learn More on Extending an Assignment Schedule

Unlimited Forms

With unlimited forms, you can personalize the signup experience by asking questions that are relevant to an individual opportunity.
Learn More about the Form Builder

Form Builder Tags

In your form builder, you have the ability to tag answers within the Checkboxes and the Multiple Choice field. This gives you the ability to link tags to volunteer answers - making organizing easy. You can also use this feature to tag volunteers for their email preferences (so you can quickly review and sync your newsletter lists).
Learn More about Adding Tags to Checkbox and Multiple Choice Fields

Cancellation Limits

Set a cutoff time for volunteers cancelling their shifts or event commitments via the hub. Write a custom instructional message letting them know how you wish for them to cancel. Learn More about Setting a Cutoff Time for Volunteers to Cancel. 

Volunteer Notice

Post a notice volunteers will see when they login to your hub on Timecounts. Customize a welcome message, update them on important news, or provide guidance for new or regular volunteers. Learn More about Posting a Volunteer Notice.

2,500 Emails / Month

Upgraded from 250/month on the Free Plan.
Learn More of about Email Limits

Up to 10 Admins 

Upgraded from 3 admins on the Free Plan.
Learn More about Adding Admins to your Account

Priority Email/Chat Support

On the Premium Plan your organization will have a faster response time from the Timecounts team.

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