The Checklist is a great way to keep track of volunteer certifications and training - especially if you have a robust onboarding program with multiple recruitment requirements.

To view the status of each person, simply open their profile card, or view on the Reminders section of your Dashboard. 

If you are getting started for the first time, the filters within Community are exactly what you need. Filters allow you to trigger future reminders, see a list view of who has completed or not completed a Checklist item, etc. 

From the toolbar in Community, click on the Filter button to expand. Use the dropdown and Premium subscribers will see a new filter called 'Checklist'. There are four ways you can group people related to a Checklist item:

  • Has Completed - volunteer completed this Checklist item and it remains valid.

  • Has Not Completed - volunteer has never completed this Checklist item.

  • Is in Renewal Period - has previously completed the checklist item and it is still valid, but is ready to be renewed before the expiration date. This will also appear as a dashboard reminder.

  • Is Overdue - has previously completed the checklist item and did not renew or update the item before the expiration date, it is no longer valid. This will also appear as a dashboard reminder.

All items in the dashboard reminders section can also be ignored. Simply click the ignore button on the righthand side of each. 

To get a closer look, you can click on the person's name to open their profile card - open the Qualifications tab - and go down the list to take action.

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