If a volunteer or admin is having trouble logging into Timeounts, or they forgot their password, it's easy to reset by going to: https://timecounts.org/forgot

There is also a 'Forgot Password? Click here.' link at the bottom of every Timecounts login screen that will direct them.

They will be brought to the 'Reset Your Password' page. Here, simply type in the email address and Timecounts will send you a Reset Code. 

Then they will see this screen letting them know to check their email so they can Choose a New Password.

Once they check their email, there will be a 'Reset Password' button. 

Have them choose a new password, then voila, they are signed in again!

If they are logged in and still not able to see your organization, make sure the email they used to create the account matches the one you have for them in your Community Directory. That's what links the volunteer or admin to your Hub. They can go to their Profile from the bottom left corner and update their primary email, then save. This should work as well.

If you have tried everything and are still having difficulty, please contact us.

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