When you enter your organization as an admin, you will be directed to the Dashboard, this is your command central for Timecounts. The Dashboard is where you will start to see new signups appear and important Tasks to complete.

Getting Started

If you are setting up your organization's account for the first time, you will see a few prompts to get started. All organizations have a volunteer portal or Hub as we call it. That's a great place to start. Next, you're going to want to take a look at the General Sign up form as that's linked to the 'Join Us' button on your Hub. The last prompt is for you to create your first Opportunity, so you have something for volunteers to see when they visit your Hub. Click 'Hide Message' top right corner if you want this to disappear.

Dashboard Tasks

The heart of the Dashboard is the illustrated Tasks that will begin to appear once people start to signup and interact with you through Timecounts.

This is what the Dashboard looks like when you have Tasks to complete. The goal is to get back to that green checkmark view, which means you've viewed or actioned all of the pending requests.

When you click on a Task it will expand to display more information and allows you to jump directly to that section of Timecounts.

Applications to review: New Member applications and Assignment applications that you have set 'to review' will be listed under this task.

Shifts to approve: Shift and event signups that require your approval as permission settings are set as 'Let me review and confirm shifts'. Signups that are auto-accepted will not appear as a task.

Messages to read: new or unread messages in your Communicate inbox.

Credit Time to volunteers: Opportunities that are scheduled within Timecounts automatically convert into a pending time credit after the end time. This will take you to the Track tab to quickly approve or edit volunteer time. Note: time to credit from the day before will appear at 8:30UTC the next day. So it will not be automatic, do not log this time again.

Notifications to send: when you review applications or make manual changes to the schedule where you need to trigger an auto-notification to go out to update volunteers.

NOTE: If you are sharing a form on its own and not linked to the hub or opportunity in Timecounts, you will not be notified of new signups on the Dashboard. You will need to go directly to the Form Responses view to see new signups.

The Upcoming view will show you who is scheduled that day or in the coming days/weeks. Click to expand to get additional information about the shift or event. 

The Newsfeed highlights activity within your organization like new events admins have created, volunteer signups, cancellations, and other items. 

Reminders are where expirations from the Checklist feature will appear.

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