Set Admin Notification Preferences

To view or change notification preferences go to your Profile Settings.
Click bottom left corner, find My Profile Preferences and you will see the Notifications tab on the left.

Receiving emails are a personal thing, so you can customize notifications for all organizations you are linked to in same place.

Immediately = Instant email

Immediately, if it's within 48 hours = Cancelation notifications sent instantly if the person is scheduled within two days of an active event/gathering/assignment - otherwise automatically moves to daily digest

Daily = Daily digest of activity from past 24 hours

Weekly = Weekly digest of activity from last 7 days

Never = You do not wish to receive an email

Create Custom Notification Overrides

This feature is available on Premium and Growth plans.

Custom notification overrides is a useful feature if you wish to set notifications about a specific opportunity differently from the rest.

To edit, just select the opportunity from the dropdown and once you've selected your preferences, remember to click the SAVE button top right. To make changes to that opportunity or clear it, just find the opportunity again, change and SAVE. 

Any opportunities that have custom settings will appear with a bullet point.

How do I make notifications only come to me instead of other admins?

Receiving email notifications is a personal thing, so we made sure to have admin notification preferences under Profile Settings. This allows each admin to customize based on their own needs and requirements. 

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