This feature is available on Essential (limited), Premium, and Growth plans. 

Note: The Essential Plan gets access to the Volunteer Hours report for total hours of volunteers and across the organization. Reporting at a granular level for events, assignments, or detailed volunteer hours will require the Premium or Growth Plan.


To select which report you wish to look at, choose within the dropdown menu. Once you have chosen your report type, select the date range you wish to pull data from. The date range is beside this dropdown menu. 

You will then want to select the view in which you are seeing the data pulled. Either in the Year, Month, Week, or Day view.

You can print this page view at any time. 

You can export this data at any time. This will download automatically into a .csv file.

I'm unable to open up the file or view it properly after downloading it.

Some browsers remove the .csv at the end of the file making it look like mumbo jumbo, or prevent you from opening it. A quick fix is to just add .csv to the end of the file name. Then try opening it from within Excel, Google Docs, or however you wish to view it.

If you are using Safari, you may need to adjust how your browser handles CSV files. When you export the file in Safari, and the data will open as a text page - you want to go to File > Save As... 

It will then bring up a popup where you can give the file a name with the ".csv" extension and pick the format as "Page Source". 

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