When an event or scheduled shift has ended, the confirmed time will move over the 'Track' tab for approval. 

You will then get a task on your Dashboard letting you know when you need to review volunteer time.

This view will automatically calculate the hours from the shift or event, and associate any skills that were designated for that role. It will display time that requires approval across your organization. You can filter approvals - either for all pending, or an individual person. Easy!

If you wish to make changes or edit the time and/or skills for someone, simply click the edit pencil next to the green Approve button. This will bring up a screen where you can edit easily. 

If you are happy with the list and wish to Approve as all, click the checkbox in the toolbar press 'Approve'.
You'll also see options for Cancelled, No Show, and Not Needed. This will make note in their profile card but they will not receive any volunteer time credited.

You can also click the arrow on the green button to see similar options for one person.

The time credited will appear in a person's profile card, or you can pull a report under 'Analyze'.

Is there a way to edit volunteer hours after they have been approved?
Yes, you can do that from the profile card of the person you wish to make changes to. Go to the Activity tab and you will see an edit pencil next to the credited hours. This will let you edit and update it.

What if I do not want to give someone volunteer time as it was only a record of participation?
You can mark the time as zero.

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