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It can be a challenge to meet the FTC's CAN-SPAM Act requirement for a physical address if you work from home or don't have an actual office. If you don't want to use your home address in your email campaigns but don't have an office address, there may be alternative addresses you can use, as long as you're able to receive mail there.

Below, you'll learn about a few ideas that have worked for users in the past. Please note these are suggestions and we recommend you speak with a professional to determine if the address you want to use fits CAN-SPAM's valid postal address requirement.

  • Business Managers or Other Representation. If there is someone who represents you professionally, they may have a P.O. Box where you can receive mail and may allow you to use their address in your email campaigns.

  • Rehearsal or Studio Space. If you have a creative space, such as a music studio, rehearsal space, or if you're an artist in residence, you may be able use that address in your email campaigns.

  • Teachers. If you're a teacher at a store or other establishment, such as a music teacher, and can receive mail there, you may be able to use that business' address.

  • Gallery or Store Affiliations. If you are affiliated with a gallery or retail store, and they will receive mail for you, you may be able to use that address in your email campaigns.

This information can apply to a wide variety of non-traditional organizations who don't have a physical address they feel comfortable sharing with their contacts.

Sometimes the only answer is to purchase a P.O. Box, but hopefully this gives you some alternative ideas to work with so you can get started sending email campaigns. Whichever option you choose, make sure the address you use is valid, reliable, and that you're able to receive mail there.

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