Formatting fields give your form shape, structure, and context. If your form has more than a handful of questions, you will want to think about breaking up the form into different sections or pages.

Formatting Fields


Drag dividers into your form to create different sections. It's less overwhelming to volunteers to fill out a form made up of small sections compared to one long form. Dividers can also create a thematic break, to ease the transition between different kinds of questions.


Give your sections titles to introduce questions and create a tone of voice for your form.

Paragraph Text

You can provide additional information, context, or section introductions using the Paragraph field. 

Page Break

Use page breaks to split your form into separate pages. Longer forms can be broken up into shorter pages, making it less overwhelming for your volunteers to fill out. You may want to use Titles at the top of each new page to let your volunteers know how many more pages they can expect to fill out.

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