When you're finished editing your form, you can publish it. Publishing a form will make it public and live. Your form will be saved throughout the editing process, so if you choose to come back to your form later it will remain saved as a draft. Only when you decide to publish it will it be publicly viewable and shareable.

Once you publish the form, you can view it live and test it.  

Sharing Forms

To share your form, return to the form on the Forms page and click on it to access 'Share' options. Sharing the link and embedding via iframe are the recommended options.

Ways you can share your form link:

Email or Timecounts Messaging: Send a message through Timecounts to members of your volunteer community, or recruit new members by sharing the link in your eNewsletters. 

Social Media: Reach out to your followers and fans on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with your new signup form. Copy and paste the link as-is, or use a URL shortening service like Bitly before sharing.

Link from your Website: If your website design doesn't work well with an embedded form, consider creating a 'Signup Now!' button on your website's page, and link it to your Timecounts form.

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