Did a volunteer leave your organization? Write the reason in the note. Did someone give you valuable feedback? Keep track of their thoughts in a note. Notes help you ensure no information is lost relating to a volunteer.

Where can I find Notes?

You can find Notes by opening a person's profile card (click on a person's name in a list view from Community or anywhere in Timecounts). Scroll down underneath contact information and you will find a section for writing private notes

Who will see these Notes?

Notes you leave on a profile card are not visible by volunteers. Only admins within your organization will be able to view and add their own Notes.

How to Post a Note.

When you wish to leave a Note on a Profile Card, simply click in the 'Create a note' text field and start typing. 

When you've completed your Note, press Add Internal Note to Save. 

It will save the Note, along with your name and the date. If you wish to update the Note, simply click on the text and it will allow you to make changes. Notes cannot be deleted.

When you add a note, your action is logged in the dashboard's activity feed. Stay up to date on what other admin's are saying about your contacts by keeping an eye on that activity feed.

How Do I Search Notes?

We do not have a search capability in place for notes as this has not been a requirement. If you wish to track something in particular, it is better to use Tags.

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