In an effort to manage costs and keep our monthly plans as low as possible for organizations, we do place a limit on the number of general email credits provided within each plan. 

Monthly Plans:

Free Account = 250 messages

Essential Account = 1,000 messages
Premium Account = 2,500 messages
Growth Account = 5,000 messages

This allotment will reset each month and unused emails do not rollover. If you think you will go over your email plan limits, you can Top-up by purchasing email add-ons in your Billing tab under Settings. Unlike your monthly plan, these credits do not expire and are available as a reserve when you need it.

Email Top-ups:

$10 = 1,000 E-mail Credits
$25 = 5,000 E-mail Credits
$100 = 50,000 E-mail Credits

Sending 10 people 1 message counts the same as sending 10 messages to 1 person.

You can also purchase SMS credits to send text messages via Timecounts.

Where to find how many email credits you have available

You will see how many emails you have available within your Communicate tab on the left side or when you open a New Message it will appear across the top. You can also go directly to Settings / Billing and it will give you this information.

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