Adding an Organization's Location to General Settings

You must enter an address and contact information in order to send messages with Timecounts. This is a legal requirement as outlined in the CAN SPAM Act to prevent abuse, to ensure people you email or text through Timecounts know exactly who is contacting them, and how to reach you. To update your Organization's address, go to the General tab in Settings by clicking the user switcher bottom left corner. 

Start typing the street address or name of your location to see if it comes up with Google Maps. If you can't find the location you're looking for, or wish to customize the location further, click on the blue text that says Create a Custom Place and enter it in manually.

The location you enter should display a map. If you made changes, be sure to press the Reset Pin button top right corner of the map to lock in the right map view. Once you've saved the location, you can go back and edit at anytime. 

Where will my Organization's Address appear?

The address will appear in small text in the footer of all outgoing emails from your organization as per legal requirements. This is similar to Mailchimp, ConstantContact, and any other online email service. 

It will also appear with a map in the footer of your hub if you activate this feature by selecting the 'Show on Hub' checkbox next to the address in Settings.

I can't save my Organization's address and preventing me from sending messages.

Make sure you've completed all of the fields, including the Country field - then pressed save. If you are still having trouble, please contact us using the help center chat.

Adding Locations to Opportunities

Locations play a key role when scheduling opportunities. The instructions are similar to above, with a few things you should know.

Once you've added and saved a location, you will see it available the next time you go to Create an Event or Shift. Think of this as most commonly used addresses, to make it quicker for you when setting up your opportunities.

  • Gatherings have a single location as there are no shifts or roles.

  • Events have an overall location, but you can add multiple locations within that event to associate to shifts.
    If your Event is taking place at one location, this is very straightforward.
    If you have an Event that is taking place across multiple locations, you may wish to simply outline the City as the general location as this is mainly used on the marketing site for volunteers and they will see the shift locations once they sign up. 

  • Identifying specific venues or rooms and save those as individual locations, you can use the 'Place Name' field for that information to differentiate and communicate clearly to volunteers. Select 'Edit location' to give your location a more detailed name such as 'Room 501', or 'Back Room of the Community Hall'). 

  • Assignment Schedules work similar to Events when it comes to locations having an overall location but shifts also have a location.

If you choose to create a custom location, you will fill in the same location options manually, and you can choose where to position the pin on the map.

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