People are added to your community in two ways: through signups on your volunteer hub (forms and opportunities) and imports. You can import hundreds or thousands of people at once by uploading a spreadsheet. Timecounts allows you to have unlimited contacts on all plans.

Currently, Timecounts supports data uploads in the .CSV format. Most spreadsheet software, including Google Sheets, can save or export as a .CSV file. 

To begin importing, select 'Import' in the Community side navigation.

Choose a .csv file to upload. You must have permission to email and/or send SMS texts to the people you're importing, if so, check off the appropriate boxes. Without the permission boxes or opt-in dates imported, you will not be able to email or send SMS texts through Timecounts to the people you import.

In the process of importing into Timecounts you will see a view with columns that give you an opportunity to correctly match to database fields. If you see errors in red simply use the dropdown at the top to correctly pair the database field with your imported data. Scroll to the right to see additional columns. This is only a sample of your data, so don't worry if you don't see everyone listed in this view.

You are able to import multiple times if you need to update or add information in bulk. Simply include the same email that corresponds with the profile in your Community Directory and it will update and/or overwrite the information.

How to Format your Spreadsheet

You can import a .csv spreadsheet with any column names, since you will be given a chance during the import process to match your spreadsheet columns with Timecounts fields. 

If you've just joined Timecounts, you'll be able to import the following fields:

Currently, the only database fields that cannot be imported to Timecounts with a spreadsheet at this time are Availability and Skills. When you upload your spreadsheet, you'll be given a chance to match columns to Timecounts fields.


Timecounts identifies profiles in your directory by using their email address. Email is in the unique identifier for your contacts, so all imported spreadsheets must contain an email field. Only people with an email address will be imported or updated.

If you have someone in your list who does not have an email address (or shares an email with someone else), you can create a placeholder email address to identify this person using the email domain For example,

Tip: make sure to create a unique placeholder email address, or you'll end up with duplicates!


Names must be split between first and last name in order to be properly uploaded to Timecounts.

Birthdate, Join Date and Opt-In dates

Birthdate, Join Date, and Opt-in dates must be formatted YYYY-MM-DD. Opt-In dates can be used if you only have email or SMS opt-in from a portion of the people in your spreadsheet. Instead of checking the box at the beginning of the import process which confirms that you have permission to email or SMS all people in your list, you can import Opt-In dates for the people that you do have permission for.

Street Address

This column is for the street address only.

For example:

  • 123 Smith St.

  • 4-556 33rd Ave N.

  • 905 Opal Rd., Basement.

  • Ray Enterprises, 1234 William Rd.


Use the 'State' field for state, province, or county.


Include the international code in all phone numbers in order to send SMS messages through Timecounts.

For example:

  • +1 647-519-3285

  • +1 (647) 534-6774

  • +44 3356667

Communication Permissions

In order to email or text someone in Timecounts, that person needs to have 'opted-in' (given explicit permission) to be contacted by you or your organization. We ask for opt-in information with the two checkboxes on the Import page. You are asked to check 'I have permission to email these people' and/or 'I have permission to send SMS texts to people with a phone number'. If one or both of these boxes are not checked, you will not be able to send emails or SMS through Timecounts to the people you import, unless you include Opt-In dates as one of your importable columns.

If you have people in your spreadsheet who did not give you permission to email or send SMS, do not check these checkboxes. Instead, include a column in your spreadsheet for email and/or SMS Opt-In dates. Enter into these columns a date in the past, formatted YYYY-MM-DD, for everyone you have permission to email and/or send SMS texts to. You can edit opt-in preferences in profile cards at any time once they've been imported.

What about importing credited hours and volunteer history?

You can quickly credit time for past events to groups of people in your community, using the 'Credit Time' button in the Community Toolbar. We are planning to make it easier for you - stay tuned!

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