The drag-and-drop form builder makes it easy for you to visualize your form as you create it. Drag fields from the sidebar into your form to add them, and click on a field to edit it.

Reorder fields by selecting the navigator toggle on the right of a field, and dragging it into a new position.

Make a field required by clicking on the field and checking the 'Required Field' checkbox. Note that volunteers will often skip questions that are not required, so if you really want to know the answer to something, make it required!

Prevent a field from ever being hidden by checking the 'Ask Every Time' checkbox. Timecounts automatically hides fields when logged-in volunteers have already answered the questions or already filled out the form. But you can make sure all of your volunteers will see a question every time they fill out a form by checking the 'Ask Every Time' box. For example, if you want to use the same signup form for all of your activities, you may want to check the box for the question "Why are you interested in helping out with this activity?" Because if the 'Ask Every Time' checkbox isn't ticked, the second time a volunteer fills out the form, the field will be hidden. 

Add optional instructions beside any field - just type into the box on the right side of the field. The instructions will appear beside the field in your form, and before the field if you embed your form on your website.

Some fields have extra options that can be edited by clicking on them. Address allows you to ask for only city, state, and country if you'd like. Birthdate gives you the option of asking for only day and month. Once you've placed a field into your form, click on it to see any checkbox options.

Phone and email have opt-in checkboxes that are required by law. You can edit the opt-in text to suit your community or organization, but it must be clear that by selecting the opt-in box, volunteers are agreeing to receive email or phone communication.

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