Publishing an Event

When you create an event, it is automatically saved as a private draft. As a draft, only you and your other admins can see it. To make your event public, click on the green 'Publish' button, or the small arrow beside it to see your options from the Overview tab within an Event.

Save as a Private Draft

If you published your Event prematurely and do not have any volunteers attached to the schedule, you are able to use the dropdown top right corner from the Event Overview tab to move back into a Private Draft state so no one can view it. If you do have volunteers scheduled or linked to the event already, the option to Save as a Private Draft will be greyed out. You can always change your visibility permissions instead, moving it to Link Only until you are ready to make it available on the hub and for others to see. Just don't forget to switch it back.

Cancel Event

In the instance you need to Cancel an Event, you can use the dropdown to select this option. If anyone clicks on the Event page, they will see that it's been cancelled.

Once you've Canceled, if you wish to trigger an email notification to go out to volunteers - click on the Schedule tab. You will see a yellow button top right for Notify. Or use the arrow on the button to stop a notification from going out.

Delete Event

This is a two step process.

Select the Delete this event from the dropdown. If you have people attached to the Event, you will first need to Cancel the Event so it notifies those volunteers - then you can go ahead and Delete it. 

Close Applications

There may be a time you wish to Close Applications off. From the dropdown you can select this. It keeps your Event active, but prevents new people from signing up. They will see the button as Applications Closed. This will stop all new signups. If you wish to limit an individual shift, you can edit the Min / Max within the Shift Edit view in the schedule.

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