Why do shifts overlap?

We designed the schedule to be visual, so you can see what you're organizing at a glance. We wanted to visually represent overlapping or conflicting shifts, which is why the shifts themselves sit on top of one another and 'cascade' (they are arranged so you can always see the shifts behind).

How do I manage overlapping shifts if I'm having a hard time seeing them?

If volunteers tell you that they are available for many shifts that occur at the same time, the default People view is not going to be very helpful for you. Instead, you can click on their name anywhere in the schedule to open their profile card to see all of their requested, waitlisted, and confirmed shifts.

Alternatively, you can try to review the schedule shift-by-shift by filtering and clicking on one shift at a time in the shift sidebar.

How can I see all shifts assigned to or requested by a volunteer?

Click on the volunteer's name anywhere in the schedule, and their profile card will pop up. All shifts (of any status) associated with the volunteer are listed in the 'Activity' tab. 

How do I see a later time in the schedule?

You can scroll through the schedule by clicking and dragging the schedule itself from side to side. Use the arrows beside the date to change the day.

 How do I stop people from signing up for a full shift?

Once a shift has the maximum number of volunteers confirmed, the shift is shown as full on the signup pages, and no one can sign up for it. If you've set a waitlist for the shift, the shift won't close for signup, but volunteers will have to select 'Join Waitlist' when they signup.

How do I see only Confirmed shifts?

Click the 'Filter' button in the schedule toolbar. Choose to see only 'Confirmed' to see everyone who has a confirmed shift for that day.

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